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how it is made

how it is made

Who make my underwear ?


At DYG® we have chosen to create our own pine fiber fabric in France for health reasons: here we are absolutely sure that there are no toxic chemicals even during processing, guaranteed free of heavy metals and hazardous materials.
A non-negotiable condition in our eyes when it comes to undergarments on the skin.

For the assembly and in order to offer you products at affordable prices (democratizing the bio is one of our goals) the choice of Tunisia was quickly made: we preferred a country historically linked to France, French-speaking and with transparent working conditions, subject to labor inspections, benefiting from occupational medicine.

Welcome to the factory, in the heart of a small artisanal village by the sea, 15 minutes from Monastir.
The DYG® organic linen factory is located in the heart of the village, far from the industrial zone.
Here everything is done on foot: the workers go home for lunch at noon, their children come by on their way home from school to pick up their keys or drop by to see them... Our little hands are all versatile: they make the products from A to Z and are not confined to one and only repetitive task. The atmosphere is familial.
Since its beginnings, DYG® has been making its products there by investing in them, even planting trees around the factory! And it's the cutter who is in charge and improvises himself as a gardener once a week: Green one day, green always!

the little extra: we financed the cafeteria within the factory, which is a place for exchange and creation.
We prefer to play transparency with you!

The DYG® team is always there. Why is this important ?


The DYG® Team has environmental concerns pervasive at every stage of the process, and having direct control over our supply chain gives us the ability to influence almost every aspect of the process. This means that we must constantly adapt, control our impact on the environment, control wages and benefits on a permanent basis, such as access to healthcare, occupational medicine, and meals. We also control waste management and, above all, recycling, even going so far as to refill cleaning product cans and recycle fabric scraps.

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