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Le 10/09/2020 par Mathilde
Tissu agréable, respirant. Maintien parfait
Le 30/07/2020 par Frederic
Tissu agréable, coupe parfaite et look sympa.
Le 22/07/2020 par Virginie
Très confortable

Afnor approved fabric mask | March


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Description du produit


Afnor-approved French fabric mask purchase online

suitable for adults and teenagers, adjustable at the sides.

This approved washable fabric mask is a category 1 Afnor mask without dyeing in order to avoid any risk of harmful inhalation.
Complying with AFNOR specifications and reusable, this washable afnor anti-projection fabric mask is adjustable to all face morphologies and the fabric is made in France.

Washable 50 times (which means it has been tested 50 times in the laboratory) the fabric mask offers excellent respiratory protection while ensuring very good breathability: 4 times greater than that of a surgical mask. In short, you breathe 4 times better than behind a paper mask for equivalent respiratory protection.
This mask is also available in other colors so that each member of the family has their own color, over here !

Technical characteristics:
French fabric mask, high performance, respecting Afnor specifications and evaluated by the DGA.

Type of product

  • washable mask tested in the laboratory over 50 washes
    fabric mask evaluated by the DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement)
    Category 1* fabric mask

Technical properties 

  • Excellent breathability* (breathability, measured by air permeability for a depression of 100 Pa > 749 Lm-2.s-18).
    Excellent level of particle filtration* (Filtration efficiency of 3 µm particles: > 94%)
    Anti-bacterial mask
    Ecru fire-resistant mask, 360-degree stable fabric (ideal for industry)
    Anti-static mask (ideal for industrial environments requiring anti-static clothing such as EDF, RATP, SNCF workers)

Further information

  • A patent has been filed for this mask. this mask falls into the category of innovative products.
    the drying is very fast, a little bit of hair dryer if you want to reuse it in less than 5 minutes.
    The material that makes up this mask is made in France.
    Design established and tested on wearer for 4 hours by us.

*category 1*: Mask reserved for non-sanitary uses (not intended for healthcare personnel), i.e. you can use it as a protective mask against the coronavirus to receive the public on a regular basis.

Free delivery from 100€ of purchase.

Each mask is a unique piece. There may be slight dimensional variations from one piece to another.


It is not recommended to use specific products other than the usual detergent.
The complete washing cycle (wetting, washing, rinsing) must be at least 30 minutes with a washing temperature of 60°C.
The use of fabric softener is not recommended to avoid inhalation.

The washing of the barrier masks can be done with old sheets in the washing machine, in order to guarantee the mechanical aspect of the washing and to avoid running empty and damaging the machine and the mask.

This mask dries very quickly.
The barrier mask must be dried completely even with a hair dryer in less than 5 minutes and do not wear a wet barrier mask.

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