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Matière douce et chaude
Virginie Laithier
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Socks in 39/45 are longer and higher than in 37/41, for your information.

Socks made of pinewood fiber, what do you think? if you are not yet addicted to socks, do you agree, made in France in our DYG® Pinewood Fiber, you will fall in love with these soft and ultra-comfortable socks. They are sweeter than any cotton socks! The little extra, they are anti-perspiration thanks to the absorption qualities of our unique material. And they are Made in France! Socks in Fiber Pinewood®, what do you think? A gentle return to nature calls you ... They are mixed, and available in the unique and timeless black-blue color, matching all our products of the same color. A dense black with a hint of navy, for its chic little French side!