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Tissu agréable, respirant. Maintien parfait
Tissu agréable, coupe parfaite et look sympa.
Virginie Laithier
Très confortable

face mask for women and men

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face mask for coronavirus, the best

Adult model

Washable, adjustable, high performance fabric mask, tested on 50 washings, Afnor specifications and rated by DGA, Category 1

mask available in ecru and black

The mask is adjustable and offers excellent breathability

Type of product

the model is an unbleached and natural cream mask: you do not breathe dyes
Laboratory tested on 50 washes
mask assessed by the DGA (Directorate General of Armies)
Category 1 Mask*
Technical properties

Material whose performance has been measured by DGA laboratories (Direction Générale des Armées) on 50 washes:
Excellent breathability* (breathability, measured by air permeability at a depression of 100 Pa > 749 L.m-2.s-18).