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High waist panty



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High waist panty

With no lace, this is our high waist panty, girdle style, thanks to the special weaving of our white pine fiber. Softness, organic properties, and a bit of magic are its composition for a perfect style! Even more, it matches all our bras of the same colors. A timeless classic for an organic refined silhouette. If you want to read more about our amazing material click here.
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Our Home made pine tree fabric : made in France
Sewing : made in Tunisia

Washing 30° C (86° F). No dry machine. Washing your lingerie in a special lingerie net, or in a pillowcase, will prevent the pieces from getting damaged from the smallest metallic object you can have in your whash machine.

Make sure to close the back of the bras so they don’t hang.

Never iron the elastic bands. Steam without touching the fabric will make your pinewood lingerie shine !

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