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lace bralette upcycling


Select the color and the size

Drawings can help you:
  1. Bust measurement
  2. Chest measurement
Easier to get your bust and chest measurements wearing a bra, you also can choose your normal size.

your size

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Fill in your bust circumference (centimeters, cm)
Fill in your chest circumference (centimeters, cm)

Description du produit

The model wears size M

Limited quantities

Did you know about upcycling?

Nothing gets lost, everything gets recycled!
This lace bra is made of an upcycling fabric, dyg spirit!
Upcycling is the action of recovering materials or products that are no longer used in order to transform them into materials or products for another use.
It is therefore a recycling "from above".

This fabric is a fabric which has no more use at a supplier and which is returned in a circle of recycling in order to be used by a third party having use of it. This requires a little organization, time and very limited stocks, but at DYG we do not balk at the task when it comes to recycling!

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