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long sleeve crop top workout



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If you hesitate between a heart mask and a bra, here is the perfect mix of both! The sweetness in addition! The mannequin wears the size L. You don’t have to dance to wear it, you can wear it under a jacket, to get out, in a cocooning outfit... like a second skin, it is anti-transpiration thanks to our home fabric and made in France in Pinewood DYG®. 
It matches all of our website tops of the same color or another color if you like the mix and match. Our entire collection is made in our own unique fabric!

Washing 30° C (86° F). No dry machine. Washing your lingerie in a special lingerie net, or in a pillowcase, will prevent the pieces from getting damaged from the smallest metallic object you can have in your whash machine. .

Make sure to close the back of the bras so they don’t hang.

Never iron the elastic bands. Steam without touching the fabric will make your pinewood lingerie shining !

Fill in your normal bra size.


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5 /5 Trustpilot

Marie Sophie
J'adore le style! La fibre naturel du tissu est vraiment confortable.
A priori, aussi bien que les autres articles achetés sur DIY que j'ai testés et approuvés mais je n'ai pas encore porté le crop top donc à voir mais il n'y a pas raison !
Mathilde POUSSIN
Très confortable, Parfait comme brassière d'allaitement, j'adore
Il est superbe et surtout hyper confortable ! Le tissu est vraiment doux !