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menstrual thong

Montreal | organic cotton


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Description du produit

the fabrics that make up your M. panties are all made in France! An essential condition in our eyes for obvious health reasons: there are no azo chemical compounds in all our panties! 
Our menstrual panties are absorbent and very ecological menstrual panties and so much more pleasant to wear than a sanitary pad night and day that you will not be able to do without them. In general, they are used as a replacement for the usual hygienic protections, but you can also use them in addition.

Dense black in color, do you green period panties are elegant, thin and eco-friendly. Made of Lyocell, unlike the rest of the site whose products are all made of pine microfiber. 

Absorbency varies from woman to woman for obvious reasons, but on average they have been tested to hold up on medium and low flows for several hours.
For a first use we recommend that you wear them rather at home, during the day, in the evening or at night in order to better estimate the time they will protect you, each woman being unique and different.

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