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Very soft and beautiful fabric. Good quality.
Marijke Reddish Nuchelmans
Mooie pasvorm

padded bra


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The model is wearing 32C us saie (70C UE size)
When the triangle trend meets the thin foam lining to ensure a rounded and ultra natural neckline without reinforcement, most comfortable! Crafted from our unique bio pine fiber-based anti-slip fabric, this triangle offers the uplifting effect you love. The must have for a natural neckline in your organic lingerie drawer!

Washing 30° C (86° F). No dry machine. Washing your lingerie in a special lingerie net, or in a pillowcase, will prevent the pieces from getting damaged from the smallest metallic object you can have in your whash machine.

Make sure to close the back of the bras so they don’t hang.

Never iron the elastic bands. Steam without touching the fabric will make your pinewood lingerie shining !

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