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Bandeau qui permet un bon maintien, super couleur
Très confortable, maintien satisfaisant, tellement douce et sans serrer, elle ne descend pas !
Bon maintient et féminin !
Le deuxième que je prend aussi, e les utilise comme soutien gorge et pour la nuit, j'en suis ravie
Brassière hyper agréable à porter, on ne la sent pas et elle maintient parfaitement.
Marielle CHERON
Bon maintien, très confortable !
Rien à dire c’est super

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This piece is specially designed for and by the female staff of DYG who dreamed for a long time! A simple soft and comfortable headband, to sleep or not, made in our unique material and DYG® pinewood fiber Maison! Softer and more flexible than a cotton headband, it provides a good fit thanks to a slightly shapewear effect. A bandage slightly sheathing, will meet your expectations for softness, comfort and support.

A magic basic whose softness will not leave you indifferent. Like all parts of the brand, this simple headband is made in our fabric made in France of irreproachable quality and incomparable softness. If you are looking for soft underwear, you will find your happiness here!

S size at 85A 85B and 90A 85C

M size at 85D 90B 95A 90C 95B

L size at 90D and 95C 100 B 95 E

Washing 30° C (86° F). No dry machine. Washing your lingerie in a special lingerie net, or in a pillowcase, will prevent the pieces from getting damaged from the smallest metallic object you can have in your whash machine.

Make sure to close the back of the bras so they don’t hang.

Never iron the elastic bands. Steam without touching the fabric will make your pinewood lingerie shining !

Fill in your normal bra size.


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Fill in your bust circumference (centimeters, cm)
Fill in your chest circumference (centimeters, cm)

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